Dr. Cristian Bahrim

Associate Professor of Physics
joint-appointment as Associate Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department

Department of Chemistry and Physics
Lamar Univesity
P.O. Box 10046
Beaumont, Texas 77710
Phone 409-880-8290
Fax 409-880-8245
E-mail : cbahrim@my.lamar.edu


	Ph.D Degree
		1997 - Doctor in physics from University of Paris (Orsay, France).

     	        Dissertation  "Quantum treatment of intermultiplet transitions in 
		collisions between Ne*(2p53p) and He at thermal energies. Polarization 
		effects. Interpretation of experiments."

		French Government scholarship between 1992 and 1996.

		Research at:	
		    Laboratoire des Collisions Atomiques et Moléculaires (1992-1993).
		    Laboratoire Aimé Cotton (1994-1997).

	Post Doctoral Experience 	
		    Kansas State University (1998-2001).
		    In 2006, the Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics specialities at K-State Physics
		    ranks 14th in the US, by US News and World Report, and tied with Princeton University.

	Teaching in Lamar University 	

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Supplemental Teaching Material - click Graduate Projects in Modern Optics - click Special Topics - research oriented courses Undergraduate level - Atomic Physics - Atomic Spectroscopy - Advanced Photonics - Advanced Electrostatics - Electric Circuits Graduate level (Last time taught) - Computational Physics (Summer 2006) - Advanced Photonics (Spring 2008) - Advanced Holography (Summer 2009) Ph.D level (Ph.D candidate Ken Pepper) - Statistical Thermodynamics (Spring 2008) - Phase Transition (Summer 2008) - Fluctuation Theorems (Fall 2008) - Quantum Fluctuations (Spring 2009) Main research areas Theoretical Physics - Quantum mechanics - Atomic collisions and interactions, - Quantum Optics, - Electron scattering on atomic targets, - Photodetachment of negative ions. Computational Physics Experimental Physics - Light-matter interaction (e.g. Brewster analysis), - Atomic spectroscopy, - Optical interferometry, - Laser-plasma interaction. Results in Research Selected publications in peer-reviewed journals (1991-2008) Peer reviewed Conferences attended between 1991 and 2007 Peer reviewed Conferences attended since 2008 Invited talks Our results used as benchmark by other research groups Participation as mentor with Lamar students to National Conferences Participation to most recent International Conferences Photo Album Research with students McNair Scholars Program Richard Wooten : "Light-matter interaction" (2006) - Report Joseph Hunt : "Quantum effects in interactions between Helium and Neon atoms" (2005) - Report Josh Trevino : "Relativity and time travel" (2003) Honors Program Georgia Gilzow : "Planets and the cosmic background radiation" (2007) - Abstract Zach Hansel : "Basic principles and types of lasers" (2007) - Abstract Chase Williams : "Band theory of solids" (2007) - Abstract Brian Gustin : "Superconductivity" (2007) - Abstract Boone Drummond : "Applications of quantum mechanics" (2007) Joseph Hunt : "A computer-based experiment of diffraction and interference of light" (2005) Jackie Seaman : "Stellar evolution" (2005) Michael Williams : "Light-gravity interaction" (2004) Graduate Program Vaibhav Khadilkar: "Disalignment and disorientation of Neon excited atoms induced by collisions with Helium" (2005-2007) Amit Nangare : "Polarization effects in atomic collisions" (2004) Ken Pepper : "Statistical behavior of thermodynamical systems near the critical temperature at gas-liquid interface". Wei-Tai Hsu : "Measurements of dispersion using the Brewster angle technique". Undergraduate Physics Program Benjamin Webb : "Quantum Computing" (2008)>/i> Richard Wooten : "Polarization of light by reflection on dielectrics" (2007) Gary Decaney : "Impurities in atomic spectra" (2007) Joseph Young : "Computer-based atomic spectroscopy" (2004) Joseph Hunt : "Identification of vibrational states in atomic collisions" (2004) Jay Wise : "Molecular description of atomic collisions" (2003) Karl Nowotny : "He-Ne collisions at thermal energies" (2002-2003) Undergraduate EE Program Greg Gattis : "Causes and preventions of electrostatic discharges" (2006) Jace Daigle : "Fundamentals of charge build-up" (2006) Honors Thesis Joseph Hunt : "Quantum phenomena in collisions between rare gas atoms" (April 2006) - Thesis Awards for my students Outstanding McNair Scholars Richard Wooten : "Light-matter interaction" (2006) Joseph Hunt : "Quantum effects in interactions between Helium and Neon atoms" (2005) Joseph Young : "Computer-based atomic spectroscopy" (2005) Josh Trevino : "General relativity and time travel" (2003) Joseph Young - Recipient of a Barry Goldwater scholarship (Spring 2005) Undergraduate Research Highlights - CUR in Washington D.C. Institute of Physics (IOP) - http://atom.iop.org Honors and Awards Outstanding McNair Mentor in 2005 and 2006 Selected in Marquis "Who's Who in Science and Engineering" (2002-2003 & 2006-2009) Selected in Marquis "Who's Who in American Education" (2006-2008) Selected in Marquis "Who's Who in America" (2001-2009) Selected in Marquis "Who's Who in the World" (2006-2009) Grant Awards "STudents Advancing through Involvement in Research Student Talent Expansion Program (STAIRSTEP)" - NSF-DUE-0757057 - The grant was awarded for 5 years beginning with 01/01/2009. "Experimental and theoretical analysis of the interaction between light and dielectric materials" - Research Enhancement Grants Award - Lamar University (Nov. 2006) "Quantum Treatment of Atomic Collisions between Rare Gas Atoms" - Research Enhancement Grants Award - Lamar University (Apr. 2005) Other Grant Proposals Research - Link for collaborators Counter started on 1/25/2007 Webmaster: Virendra Shinde Last Revised: May 2009